Dave Cullen, author of Columbine 

Photos of Eric & Dylan

Pictures here are grouped into the following categories:

The attack footage photos are repeated in the attack section (a rare repeat).

The captions are underneath each photo. I made the pix huge, as you all requested.

WARNING: Many shots are jarring (though no blood or injuries). I put them all down the page.

Ordinary life

This group is mostly from videos Eric and Dylan and friends shot of themselves in daily routine:

Dylan, hanging out in the car, from video.


Dylan, a moment after the previous shot.

Prom photo of Dylan Klebold and his date Robyn Anderson, the 4.0 honor student and active church-group girl who acquired three of the four guns.


Dylan as a young boy, with his mom. Click the thumbnail to see the full pic at Susan Klebold's essay in O Magazine. (I'm not going to steal that very personal image she shared.)



Rampart Range

These are from video they and their friends shot praticing with their shotguns in March 1999:


Eric at Rampart Range.



Eric a moment later at Rampart Range.


Dylan shooting his shotgun at Rampart Range.


Dylan holding up a bowling pin he just shot up.


Close-up on the bowling pin a moment after the previous.



Acting Poses: "Hitmen For Hire"

These are from short films they created, mostly "Hitmen For Hire." They are acting here—playing characters in a short fictional film. These shot not be taken as typical expressions, but illustrate the personae they wanted to project:



Eric, a moment later.


Eric about to perform a (staged) execution in the film.


Eric, a moment later.


Dylan playing crazy in a scene.


Same scene, face right into the camera .


Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold playing killers in a different scene. (Those are toy weapons.)


Yearbook and portrait photos

Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold, yearbook photos. (Eric on the left.)


Eric and Dylan, very young.




Just Eric.




The infamous class photo where Eric, Dylan and friends simulated firing at the camera. (The highlight to show them was added.)


Wider shot of that same photo (they are cropped out).


Footage from the attack

These are mostly from surveillance cameras in the cafeteria, after they had stopped killing, but several minutes before their suicides. Most people find that tape murky and hard to follow, so I've frozen a series of frames (in chronological order), to walk you through it:

Eric & Dylan in the commons, captured by surveillance cameras shortly before their suicides upstairs. (Eric is on the left, in the white T-shirt.) A close-up is further down the page.


Shot out library windows during the attack, with the killers barely visible inside.


Eric walking down the staircase into the cafeteria, about to fire on the propane bombs. (He's in the very top right. His white t-shirt gets lost in the image.)


Eric a moment later, down on a knee firing his rifle at one of the propane bombs, trying to set it off to blow up the school.


Eric a moment later, giving up, and entering the cafeteria.


Eric roaming the cafeteria in the foreground (bottom left, his waist just above the time stamp.) Dylan in the background, just left of center, in a dark t-shirt.


Eric in the cafeteria stopping to drink a glass of water, shortly after the above. (He's in the extreme bottom left.)


Dylan lobbing a molotov cocktail at the propane bombs. (Far left side, halfway down.) This caused a fire that set off the sprinklers and flooded the cafeteria/commons.)


Dylan roaming the cafeteria in the foreground. (Same position as previous: far left side, halfway down.)


Close-up of pic earlier in this section.




Robyn Anderson.