Dave Cullen, author of Columbine 

Erics' Journal: Drawings, Schedules & Diagrams
Images of Eric's Plan

These are representative samples of the material Eric Harris sketched out in the back of his journal.


Notice the level of detail, particularly in the first sketch, with small items labeled "ABC," and "DEF."

The tank indicated for his back in that drawing is labeled "napalm." He envisioned wearing flame-throwers, which he hoped to create in time for the attack. On the Basement Tapes, he talks about watching kids run around like lit candles. He documented several attempts cooking up batches of napalm, but could not get it to work.



Schedules and charts:

On the first page, he inventories the potential body count every few minutes around the start of "A" lunch. The second chart records his pipe-bomb production. (Notice how "excellent" he rates his work.