Dave Cullen, author of Columbine 

Eric's big lie
Side-by-side comparisons about how he lied about the van break-in to different audiences

These scanned documents reveal Eric's true (private) feelings about the van break-in, alongside the public persona he presented. They illustrate a hallmark of psychopathy: his great skill at faking empathy, and amusement at the ease of conning almost every adultstanding in his way.

This is one of the best examples of Eric's "duper's delight":


Eric's apology letter to his victim, the van owner.

(p. 661 from the 1,000 pages)





Eric's rant about it at the same time in his journal (p. 3 of his journal). Start reading eleven lines up from the bottom. Here's what he says (typos intentional):

"Isnt america supposed to be the land of the free? how come If im free, I cant deprive a stupid fucking dumbshit from his possessions If he leaves them sitting in the front seat of his fucking van out in plain sight and in the middle of fucking nowhere on a Frifuckingday night. NATURAL SELECTION. fucker should be shot."




School essay about it months later.

(pp. 864-865 of the 1,000 pages)

T-dog is the affectionate nickname the kids used for the teacher. Notice the way Eric turns himself into the victim. That's also classic psychopath behavior.





The first two pages from Eric's intake questionnaire for the Diversion program. (Released as part of the DA's packet; not in the 1,000 pages on the killers.)

Near the top of page 2, Eric states, "looking forward to it hopefully will set me strait."




These four documents are scattered about the thousands of pages of evidence released. I gathered them here for quick comparison.