Dave Cullen, author of Columbine 

The Parents of Eric & Dylan

Eric and Dylan's parents provoke the most debate at my events, yet unfortunately, this will be the shortest section on the site. That's because Wayne & Kathy Harris, and Tom & Sue Klebold were vilified after the attack, and responded rationally: with brief written statements and then silence.

I would earnestly love to learn more from them but I understand their position. (A few days after the Virginia Tech tragedy, I published a New York Times op-ed suggesting a different approach with the parents there, hoping for a different outcome.)

The bottom line is a dearth of information, in comparison to the rest of the case. However, if you dig a bit—and I certainly have—some really useful information has come to light about them. It will be outlined here.

Published articles

There have been only three significant articles:

Other fragmentary information

I found all sorts of other bits of information about the parents, particularly the Klebolds. Sources included: the questionnaires they filled out for the Diversion program, Wayne's journal on Eric released by Jeffco, the police file on the single interview between the Klebolds and investigators, my interviews with Lead Investigator Kate Battan about that meeting, and interviews with people close to the families—some conducted by me, others in published accounts by journalists I trust.

Tom and Sue Klebold also agreed through their attorney to fact-check a list of information I compiled prior to publication of the book. In that process, they also added a few details here and there, through their attorney.

Unfortunately, there is not a lot that I can link you to here. It's piecing together a lot of tiny bits. What I gathered, I included in the book. I can offer you these excerpts, which provide thumbnail sketches introducing each.

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The Klebold passage is on the left: