Dave Cullen, author of Columbine 

And other writing by Eric & Dylan

We start with three featured journals/writing pages, which offer great insight, from very different perspectives. The full list follows.

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Eric's Journal:

The final year of his life: explaining his motives for the attack.

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Dylan writing in Eric's Yearbook: 

A year before the attack, they are already stating that it will erupt in the commons, April 1999. 

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Go to Eric's many different stories on the van break-in.


Eric's big lie:

Side-by-side comparison of four versions of Eric's lies on his felony van theft (public vs private), starting with his apology letter to the victim.

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The most significant writings of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold are enumerated here. Click a highlighted phrase—those are the passages posted directly here. For others, download the PDF of 1,000 pages of their writing. More information on that below.

Eric's writings:

Most of the writings left by Eric and Dylan are contained in a (roughly) 1,000-page batch released in July 2006. I indexed it and culled the most interesting/revealing material below. Click to download from the Rocky Mountain Newswarning: it's 34 MB. That's big. 

Download it to your hard drive once for both Eric and Dylan, and then follow these page numbers for Eric: 

Dylan's writings: