Dave Cullen, author of Columbine 

Video From the Attack
Plus audio, and some related video

Jeffco released several videos of the killers, but they do not appear on the Official Sheriff's Report CD, because they were released much later. All video available is listed and described in the EVIDENCE section (see main menu). That section also provides instructions for you to obtain your own copies of any of those from Jeffco.

To view on the web: Most or all of the material is online. However, YouTube seems to have implemented a policy of forbidding it, so you will find mostly videos of people talking about it there. Other sites with the actual footage come and go, so I took down my direct links, as they keep going bad. Here are descriptions of two most of the important clips, with suggestions for searching for them:

The Basement Tapes

Beginning March 15, 1999, Eric and Dylan made a series of videotapes specifically addressing the attack they planned, and expressing their reasons. Because many of the installments were filmed in Eric's basement, they came to be known as The Basement Tapes. As of 2010, these have never been released, or leaked, even in part. Any footage on the web purporting to be from The Basement Tapes is fake—or is actually part of the material described above.

However, the tapes have been heavily documented, through several means:

Memorials, Tributes & Video on Surivors

A wealth of videos on the victims and survivors have been posted, including tributes and interviews with families and survivors over the years. Most appear on YouTube, which welcomes them. Search on the name of a survivor or victim there.

Selected Videos

Air news footage of the west parking lot, 4/20/99


The scene at Leewood Elementary school, 4/20/99


Surveillance Camera footage from the Commons


Patrick Ireland: Then and Now


News footage from a showcase of physical evidence at the school


Decision to release the Journals and other items of evidence - but not the Basement Tapes


My book trailer, which summarizes the killers' motives and the aftermath in 3 minutes


Video for Classes & Book Clubs

I created a video series for schools, students, teachers or book clubs using my book. It includes topics on structure, characters, etc.