Dave Cullen, author of Columbine 

Crime Scene Photos

Most of these are the photos of the scene released by the Jeffco Sheriff's Department. A few are screen captures from videos they released. Captions appear under each photo.

Contrast these images to the Columbine High 2009 page.

From video surveying damage to the library.



Cafeteria: The small area of fire damage from the Molotov cocktail Dylan hurled at the big bombs.






The boarded-up library windows, which were blown out by gunfire and explosives.



The library.






Library table adjacent to the killers' suicides. The burns are from the Molotov cocktail they set there moments before their suicides, which blew just after their deaths.



Evidence collection outside the west doors.



In the library.



Evidence markers just inside the west doors, where the killers entered and shot.



The staircase in the commons (cafeteria), where hundreds fled from the cafeteria. You're looking at just one side of the staircase. That railing on the right of the photo runs down the center.